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Matthew Sunshine Maryville/Knoxville bio part 2

September 1, 2020, Author: admin

Matthew Sunshine Maryville Massage Therapist


Matthew Sunshine Maryville
Matthew Sunshine Maryville

Family is the heart of my existence. I consider myself blessed with a strong, supportive and loving family of which I also consider my best friends. I owe everything to parents who have taught me the values of honesty and integrity and the importance of having a servant’s heart. I also consider myself to be very fortunate to have many great long-term friends and coworkers. I currently attend Rio Revolution Church in Maryville, Tennessee.


Travel and Leisure:


Growing up I had admired my grandparents for many reasons, one being that they had traveled to every state, and many countries. I was always intrigued by this and felt that they had learned so much by getting to travel and see the world. My grandmother taught in inner city New York and would use souvenirs from her trips to help teach her students. My parents loved to travel as well. As a family we got to see some wonderful places growing up. This love for travel has continued to be a big part of my life. I have been fortunate to visit over half of the United States, along with the Bahamas, Italy, and Switzerland. One of the most memorable times of my life, was when I traveled to Italy with my father and the Knoxville Ski group. I was set to celebrate my thirtieth birthday, which started as soon as I landed in Italy the next day. Due to the time being six hours ahead of the states, I was still twenty-nine in the United States. Later that night our group went to the town square where there was a celebration. During the celebration, the mayor heard it was my birthday and that we were from Tennessee. He had them play Rocky Top over the speakers, which I am a huge Tennessee fan. It was pretty remarkable to hear this in a small town in Italy. The whole trip was amazing.

Matthew-Sunshine-Maryville-KNoxville on the ski slopesWe got to snow ski in the Alps right after the world championship. We also traveled to Florence to see all the timeless art, including the statue of David, and traveled to Switzerland on a train. It all left an incredible impression on me. I have had many wonderful memories including hiking in the redwoods, bicycling across the golden gate bridge, snowmobiling the Vail Pass, along with skiing, hiking, and biking many mountain ranges and seeing many beautiful beaches. I feel fortunate to have gotten to take these fantastic trips throughout the years, that have educated, inspired, and left me with so many amazing memories. I want to continue to live life to the fullest, and I feel that travel, exercise, and downtown will play a major role.


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