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Matthew Sunshine Knoxville/Maryville Bio Part1

August 26, 2020, Author: admin


Matthew Sunshine Knoxville/Maryville Bio Part1

I lived in Greenback, Tennessee, on a farm and at two years old my family moved to Maryville. My parents always were firm believers in living a healthy lifestyle. They had moved from New Jersey in the 1970’s and bought eighty-eight acres in Greenback with the intention of raising their own food. They had organically grown vegetables, chicken, beef, pigs, apple trees, blackberries, and even had a horse. They did it all. My father was and still is a holistic chiropractor physician. He and my mother instilled in all of us the importance of healthy eating, being active, and taking vitamins. When we ate at home, or at a restaurant, we had to take our vitamins. When I was in elementary school, they had a health food store and mother and I were in a commercial for it. My role was to knock over a shelf of vitamins onto my mother, which was a comical way of promoting the shop. Growing up we felt like our mother was a terrible cook always serving us healthy food. We complained because she would not allow sugary cereals and very many sweets in the house. She faked us out at times serving tofu and telling us it was chicken. As I child I didn’t realize what impact eating healthy and having healthy habits would have on my future. I greatly appreciate the effort and examples that my parents had on us as family and how we continue to be very conscious watching what we eat, reading labels, taking vitamins, avoiding fast food, and being active. Healthy living is something I’ve always been interested in and helped naturally guide me into health-related careers. My father and brother are holistic chiropractors and have two clinics one in Maryville and one in Knoxville, at which I currently work.


I attended Sam Houston Elementary School, Maryville Middle School and Maryville High School. After high school, I attended Hiwassee College, then Pellissippi State Community College. While in college, I worked at Sunshine Chiropractic Clinic in the therapy department. That is what prompted me to change my future career path to Massage Therapy. I recognized how beneficial massage therapy would be to our patients and that was something lacking at the clinic and decided that I would like to go Massage School to better serve the clinic and patients. Through extensive research, I found that the Atlanta School of Massage was one of the top massage schools in the nation. I made the decision to move to Atlanta to pursue my massage therapy education. I have been blessed to be a Massage therapist since 1997. I recently have become a Certified Health Coach to provide another extremely valuable service to better assist in the overall health and wellbeing of clients and patients. I feel that self-care is key to the current health care crisis. I am excited about where this new path will lead myself and others. I look forward to continuing to serve my community in helping others have a healthier and happier life.


Please connect with Matthew Sunshine and his Knoxville and Maryville offices on his Linkedin page.